Oppo K1 or Samsung M20 - Which is the best

Presently the smartphone market is a bit maniac as OPPO launches it new budget segment smartphone the OPPO K1 whereas Samsung releases its new M-series smartphone the M20 so a lot of question comes into mind while comparing this two smartphones as both of them are doing good at their own respective fields so here's a quick review on both of their specs regarding which one could be the best.

The Oppo K1 comes with a 25MP AI powered front facing camera
The Samsung M20 comes with a 8MP front facing camera with f1.9

Now both these smartphones are on different levels regarding the CAMERA
Performance it all depends on whether your main concern is the MP count or the Quality you want.


Now here OPPO is the winner as it comes with AMOLED display which is way more better than the IPS LCD display supported on Samsung M20 both having the same 6.2 inch display with FHD+ resolution
If you are having a question what is an AMOLED display then in short it is an advanced display used to give you better viewing quality than normal displays.
An experiment for you select a black wallpaper in an IPS LCD smartphone and same black wallpaper in AMOLED smartphone you will know the difference. When the wallpaper is black in AMOLED they don’t use power but in IPS LCD they need in short the black are not true black and LCD use another screen under it which always glows white when turned on.

Also a point to be noticed that why Samsung didn’t introduced its Signature AMOLED displays in the M20. May be they are waiting to provide that in the M30


Samsung M20 comes with Samsung's own SOC the Exynos 7904 which can be said a close competitor to the Snapdragon 660 
If you are more concerned about the processor than all other features than you should go with the OPPO K1 as games like PUBG will run smoothly on this device.


M20 comes with 5000mah battery and 15W type C fast charging which is lacked by the OPPO K1 as it support only 3600 mAh battery with USB type A.


Both the devices comes with same storage option along with an Extra Dedicated SD slot so if storage space runs out there is an backup for an SD card

So comparing all the features of both the smartphone i choose the Samsung M20 as it gives everything at par not the best but yeah a commendable price tag regarding the features given from a brand like SAMSUNG. It can be said a full entertainment package

Also, it’s not that i am neglecting the SD 660 in OPPO K1 or the AMOLED display, my only point of concern is the software which i didn’t liked in OPPO K1.
But if you are a custom developer then you can go for it.

25MP front  F2.0
16+2 MP back F1.75 + F2.4
8MP front F2.0
13MP + 5MP F1.9
Snapdragon 660
Exynos 7904
4GB +64GB
3GB + 32GB
4GB + 64GB
16.28 cm (6.41 inch)
16cm (6.3")
3600 mAh
USB type A
5000 mAh
USB type C

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